Family Law

Taking an Approach That’s Right for You

Family law matters like divorce deal with intimate aspects of a person’s life. That is why the team at Rodriguez Law, P.L. approaches each case with an appropriate level of respect, empathy, and dedication. Although we have substantial courtroom experience, we also use other family law alternatives such as the collaborative process.

Our goal is to help you obtain a successful resolution to your family law challenges in the most efficient manner possible so that you can move forward. To achieve this end, we develop a plan that addresses your unique issues and concerns, such as:

  • Custody of and support for minor children
  • Fair division of marital assets
  • Support that reflects your contributions to the marriage and gives you the resources to start a new life

If you are going through a divorce, seeking assistance in enforcing a child support order, or experiencing any similar family law issue in the Miami-Dade and Broward areas, contact a lawyer at our firm to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Contested Divorce

Unfortunately, not all marriages end on amicable terms, and the result is a contested divorce. If you and your spouse are unable to agree on key matters, the next step is litigation in divorce court, where both sides may present their cases before a judge makes the final decision.

Contested divorce cases can be complicated, but we will advise you on your legal rights, protect them during any settlement meetings, and aggressively advocate your best interests at trial.

Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse are able to agree on important matters like child custody, spousal support, distribution of marital assets, and other details that accompany the dissolution of a marriage, the result is an uncontested divorce. The process is usually accomplished more quickly and at a lower cost since no litigation or trial will take place.

We have experience and know-how in creating divorce agreements that are fair to all sides and satisfy all applicable legal requirements, so that you may get on with your life sooner rather than later.

Collaborative Divorce

In many cases, collaborative divorce allows you to both end your marriage with more dignity and retain more control over your future. It avoids the contentious and drawn-out court battles that can disrupt everyone’s lives and is a less stressful process overall, especially for the children. You and your ex will only appear in court to finalize your divorce agreement. That’s it.

Because the collaborative process uses a team approach to settling the terms of your divorce, you can achieve a well-rounded outcome that addresses both your current and future needs. We will also be there with you throughout the entire process, ensuring that your rights are protected and you get the resources you need and are entitled to.

Child Support
In Florida, child support is based primarily on each parent’s net income, the number of overnight visitations with each parent, and the child’s overall expenses such as health insurance and daycare. We will help you complete the financial affidavit, child support calculation worksheet, and other documentation that is part and parcel of mandatory financial disclosure. Your children are extremely important and entitled to the best possible post-divorce existence, and we take sincere pride in making that happen.

Post-Divorce Issues

At Rodriguez Law, P.L., we understand that life changes and certain components of your divorce order, such as child support and alimony obligations, may change. To you, this may look like:

Child Support Modification

Florida law allows a parent to file for a child support modification if they can prove a “substantial change in circumstances.” This could include:

  • An income increase or reduction for either parent
  • A change in the number of overnights the child spends with each parent
  • A change in expenses

State child support statutes permit a modification if it results in a support payment difference of at least 15% of the current amount or $50, whichever is greater. The law also states that parenting time changes can affect support amounts if the parent with the least amount of visiting time has at least 20% of the overnight visits. A large change in expenses like childcare, taxes, and health insurance for the parent and/or child can also support a modification.

Alimony Modification

Under Section 61.14 of the Florida Statutes, alimony may be changed or terminated if there has been a substantial, involuntary, and unexpected change in circumstances that impacts either the payor’s ability to pay or the recipient’s need for financial support. Examples include:

  • Long-term unemployment
  • Health problems
  • Windfalls such as gifts, inheritances, or lottery winnings
  • Loss of medical insurance
  • Payor retirement
  • Payee remarriage or entry into a cohabitation arrangement

Whether you desire to change custody, child support, alimony, or even custody arrangements after your divorce, we will advise you on your rights and help you find a solution. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.