Civil Litigation

We Provide Uncompromising Individual Attention to Your Civil Lawsuit

Civil litigation can encompass a vast range of legal disputes, and here at Rodriguez Law, P.L., we provide thorough individual attention to your case, no matter what area of civil law your case falls into. Civil matters can be found in both personal and business situations, typically pitting two differing parties against one another in court in order to resolve a dispute, so you need someone who will negotiate tactfully on your behalf, stand up for your rights, and zealously advocate for your best interests if your case proceeds to litigation.

Civil lawsuits are cases that are non-criminal in nature. Whether the suit is for the recovery of money or intended to modify the actions of the opposing party, these types of cases may come in front of a judge or a jury. If that happens, Rodriguez Law, P.L. has the experience, know-how, and passionate spirit to represent you in court and fight for the best outcome of your case.

The following areas are only a small part of the broader field of civil law with which we are able to assist our clients:

If you are facing any type of civil legal situation, contact Rodriguez Law, P.L. or call 305-262-8226 for a free initial consultation on your claim. We treat our clients like they are our family, and we will defend your case passionately in court.