Understanding the Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce

You may have heard that all divorces are ugly and high conflict or that they take a very long time and are extremely expensive. However, many divorces actually occur because both members of the couple decide that it is time to separate for a variety of reasons. Even when the couple agrees to separate, they also have to work through all of the decisions that come along with a divorce, including property division, Read More

Injured in a Slip-and-Fall? 4 Steps on What to Do Next

If you take a tumble on someone else’s property, you may have a legal claim under Florida premises liability laws. However, to preserve this claim, it is crucial that you take specific steps to gather evidence and information after your fall. If you were not able to take these steps, don’t worry—your personal injury attorney can help you get evidence after the fact. Nonetheless, getting as much information as you Read More

4 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse occurs far more frequently than you might think. In fact, over two million cases of elder abuse are reported every year. Nearly one in ten elderly persons will experience some form of elder abuse in their lifetime. Unfortunately, elder abuse is also notoriously underreported. That means that it may occur even more frequently than we know. One of the best ways to report and prevent elder abuse is Read More

4 Reasons Why You Need an Irrevocable Trust

When working through your estate planning, you’ll inevitably be faced with the decision of establishing either a revocable or an irrevocable trust. Though they are similar in benefit to one another, a revocable trust allows you to make changes once the trust is established, while an irrevocable trust cannot be altered. So why would anyone want to establish a trust that can’t be changed? Believe it or not, Read More

4 Tips on How to Successfully Obtain a Mortgage Modification

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, like getting hit with an unexpected medical bill or losing your job. If you’ve ever been in this position, you know that it can drastically affect all aspects of your life, including threatening your ability to keep your home. If you’re a homeowner struggling to pay your mortgage and to avoid foreclosure, you’re probably starting to feel stressed and worried about Read More

When is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Available to Individuals?

At first glance, the concept of Chapter 11 bankruptcy for an individual debtor seems odd. This is because Chapter 11 is primarily filed by businesses that are making money but experiencing financial distress. These companies seek to improve their situation by restructuring secured debt and reducing unsecured obligations. However, it is also a form of debt relief that is available to individuals who make too much Read More