7 Benefits of Having an Attorney Help You Close on a Real Estate Purchase

If you have ever thought about NOT hiring an attorney for closing on a real estate purchase, unless you are paying cash, you are setting yourself up for a headache. Mortgages require more than a little bit of paperwork, enough so that you will be signing papers for at least an hour – with an attorney’s help. Without one? It’s a risk, and it may not be worth it, especially if you are buying a home.

Having that massive amount of paperwork organized and ready for your signature is a great benefit, but it is hardly the only good thing about having an attorney who has your back during closing. Here’s why:

1. You can trust your real estate agent to find you a great house, and while they understand real estate law, they aren’t an attorney. However, if problems arise at closing, they may not be as equipped to handle those issues. An attorney will be a better guide.

2. An attorney can help coordinate conversations between lenders, buyers and sellers, as well as anyone else involved in the sale. This can include a mortgage holder if the closing is a refi, a homeowner’s association, contractors, and all other parties.

3. Your real estate lawyer can help with purchase agreements, which may include clauses you don’t understand – or don’t want to be part of an agreement.

4. An attorney can help you negotiate. Maybe you’re willing to pay full price – if the appliances or the furniture that gives the pool deck its character is part of the agreement. If your real estate agent didn’t make this happen, perhaps your attorney can negotiate the things you love into the sale.

5. A lawyer can be the last set of eyes on your paperwork. Once you sign a document, you are held to a certain standard. If something is amiss in your paperwork, your attorney will find it, giving you and the other party the opportunity to make any necessary edits.

6. Closing can be confusing. There are so many documents, an attorney can help you stay focused so that you are not just signing papers, but know exactly what you’re signing when you put pen to paper.

7. Your attorney can help make sure that the title to your new home is clear of any liens, and can also ensure that there are no title errors. Title insurance, which protects you from liens that might come up in the future, is also in a closing attorney’s wheelhouse.

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